Sunday, 28 October 2012

Full Volume BIAB In Action

With the boil kettle build now completed I've managed to get 2 brews down while working out boil off rates to start hitting targets more consistently. The new system was christened with what is going to be my house ale (details on labels page), a golden ale generously hopped with Amarillo & Centennial hops.

To continue the trend of breaking in new systems, this batch was the first to be force carbonated & run through version 1 of my porta-keg setup on Bathurst weekend. There were a couple of issues with excessive foaming and a lack of carbonation but this will hopefully be rectified with the correct length of line fitted to the party tap.

Batch 2, a Weizen, is currently in the fermenter approaching final gravity. This batch will also be kegged & run through version 2 of the porta-keg system, which is still under construction, at the Adelaide case swap next weekend.

With many more plans in the pipeline on the brewing & kegging side of things including a system upgrade to 3 vessel brewing & possibly a RIMS setup, things are sure to get interesting over the next months.

Brew on!!

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